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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Munbe vaa Lyrics in English and its Translation in english

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Naresh Iyer
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyricist: Kavignar Vaalee
Movie: Sillunu oru kaadhal

This Munbe vaa is almost everyone's topmost favorite for non-tamizhians too :-)) Glad ,shreyaghoshal rendition reaches huge mass ,no language barriers. after huge requests from my friends ,here translating it with lyrics in simple English.please write me if u found any mistranslation in it..

     munbe vaa , enn anbe vaa..   {come in front,my dear come}
    oone vaa , uyire vaa..              { o(my) 'blood  come, o' (my) soul come}
    munbe vaa enn anbe vaa..      {come in front ,my dear come }
    poo pooovaai ..pooppom vaa.. {flower by flower .. let's blossom come}
    naan ,naanaa? kaettaen ennai naane..  {am,is it me? asked me myself}
    naan ,neeyaa ?nenjam sonnadhe...        {am,is it(in) you? my heart said}
     [ munbe vaa......pooppom vaa]
    rango rangoli,koalangal nee poattaai..   {rango rangoli,u made rangoli}
    koalam poattaval kaigal vaazhiya...       {long live ur hands which put rangoli}
    valaiyalin sathham..                                {bangle's sound...jal jal}
    jal jal...
    rango rangoli..
    koalangal nee poattaai..                        
    koalam poattaval kaigal vazhiya..
    sundhara malligai ,sandhana malligai..   {beautiful jasmine..,sandal jasmine}
    sindhiya punnagai...,vannam minna        {shedding smile..,color glitters}

    poo vaithhaai poo vaithhaai..                   {you kept flower by flower}     
    nee poovaikkoar poo vaithhaai ..               {you kept flower in this teen gal}
    mana poo vaithhu poo vaithhu ..              { by keeping love flower by flower}
    poovaikkul thee vaithhaaai..hoooo          {kept (love) fire in mee..hoo} 
    thaene nee mazhaiiyyil aada...                {o'honey u dancing in rain}
    naan maan naan,nanaindhe vaada...      {am ,deer am withers by drenching}
    enn naalathhil.., unn rathham..                {in my veins....ur blood}
    naadikkul unn sathham..                          {in my beats,ur voice...o'my life}
    uyire ..hoooooo...
    thoalil ..oru sila naazhi..                           {in your shoulder,some minutes..}
    thaniyanai aanaall...tharaiiyynil meen..    {if fish in floor..hmm..hmm..}
    [munbe vaa..
     ...pooppom vaa]

     nilavidam vaadagai vaangii..                   {getting rent space from moon}
     vizhi veettinil kudi vaikkalamaa..?           {shall make it to live in ur eyes?}
     naam vaazhum veettukkul ..                   {in our living house..,}
     vaeraarum vandhaale ..thagumaa..?      {tresspassers allowing.... is it fair?}

     thaen mazhai kaettkudhu ..,nee dhaan...{honey rain asking... only u }
     unndhan thoalgalil idam tharalaamoo..?  {giving space in ur shoulder to it..?}
     naan saayum thoal mael ...                      {someone lying in the shoulder}
                                                                      { which is for me..fair?} 
     vaeraarum saaindhaale..
      neerum,senkula chaerrum..                     {water and red slushy soil..}
      kalandhadhu poele..                                {like such mixture..}
      karaindhavan naan...                               {melted man i am...}
       munbe vaa......



  1. Thank you for writing this.. Now I can actually feel the song and enjoy it more. Yes, its the most famous and most liked non-hindi song of Shreya. :)

  2. wow wat a song indeed..... thanks shreya ghoshal for such a lovely song. thanks for translating.

  3. Thanks only i can say for this translation

  4. This song is timeless. ARR, the lyricist and Shriya have combined in the most unbelievable space of melodies, raga, and tala. Such a beautiful song…. sweet voices, mesmerizing lyrics. So happy to have Tamil in my blood to know and understand this song and feel it’s wonderful energy. I am basically going crazy for this song. Love it!!!!

  5. Thanks for the nice translation!

    I am able to enjoy it in its true meaning now.

  6. D song is awesome.... Really touching.... A.R.Rahmaan hv given a very beautiful song dat too sung by my sweetest shreya.... D song is really a hit...!!!!!

  7. Each line in this song makes me goose bumps. I go crazy whenever i listen to shreya ghoshal songs. Such a beautiful melodious song.i can bet no one can sing like shreya ghoshal........................

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  11. Really thank you so much. This is my favourite song in Tamil in fact. I was searching for the meaning of this song for years now and I am happy that finally I have it. Thanks once again to whoever has posted it here.

  12. shajin 8907374002June 17, 2013 at 10:45 PM

    Thnx 4 ur translation grrrtttt :-)

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